Happy Halloween Parents and Babies! How We All Doin’?

We made it through a pandemic Halloween, friends! Hopefully with some cute pictures of your littles, lots of candy and an appreciation of those who kept our tiny ghouls, ghoblins, and witches safe this spooky holiday eve.

Our little man hamming it up as a little baby sloth for his 6 month photos 😀

We decided that for Felix’s first Halloween during these bonkers-bananas times that we would visit only households of two close friends of ours. I mean, the little man cannot eat the candy, but mommy and daddy sure can 😉 Both Jonathan and I dressed up too, of course, but I have no photographic proof of it because we forgot to get a photo of all of us. I was a mama wolf and Jonathan a foxy daddy.

Halloween is by far my favourite holiday! It’s during my favourite season; you get to dress up; there’s always some fun events to go to; and now with our little dude, we get to go trick-or-treating again! Although this year’s Halloween was not quite how we pictured it would be, we still managed to have a really good time.

How did everyone else do this Halloween?

Did you give out candy or go trick-or-treating?

I wanna see those dressed up little babies, tots, and kiddos. so feel free to drop a photo in the comments section below <3


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